Listening to: a piano recital on Radio 3. Not my favourite instrument, but it’s the Early Music Show next, which should be more to my taste. Unless it’s a harpsichord. You may spot a pattern here.

Reading: just for a change, I tried a Ngaio Marsh, Overture to Death. I find many of the so-called Golden Age detective stories ridiculous at best, and unreadable at worst, but this one wasn’t too bad. Still racist, sexist and classist, but I didn’t guess the offender before the denouement.

Watching: not a lot, as usual.

Making: I decided much as I loved the colours of of the Colinette, I didn’t think the fabric was right for a waistcoat, so I’ve put it on one side. In its place I’ve started this. This is not mindless knitting. My brain hurts.

My year of stitches is still the months of couching. I got sidetracked from the little samples, and made a book cover (above). The idea was that I would make up a piece of strip patchwork on the machine, quickly couch along the seams, and then go back to the samples while I thought about what to put in the book. It didn’t turn out quite like that. When I’d chosen the colours and made up the patchwork I realised that a) there were quite a lot of seams to couch, and b) I didn’t have nearly enough thread that was suitable for couching in the colours I’d chosen.

That led to an outbreak of cord making. I started with my favourites – stuffed knitting ribbon and twisted cords – but they seemed too predictable, so I made some machine wrapped cord as well. First a pipe cleaner, then some string. Well, rather a lot of string, because it needed using up. About 20 metres of it. I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it all.

Then I remembered making finger cords when I did C&G, so I found some instructions I could actually understand, and tried some of those. And some plaiting and finger weaving. All of which took quite a while and reminded me why I prefer stuffed ribbon and twisted cords. I refused to even consider doing some kumihumo, lovely as it is, because it takes for ever and I don’t know where my kumihimo disc is.

Adding the cords to the cover took longer than I expected, so overall the book cover took longer than expected. Especially after I decided it needed some beads as well. The next step is to make the contents. It’s going to be about amulets, which influenced the symbolism of the cover.

After the distraction of the cords, I am now being distracted into making Tyvek beads, which may or may not be used in the books. I may also try some other types of beads. Procrastinating about knitting that hat? Me? At least I’m using up some of my stash.

Feeling: still up and down. We’re back to solicitors for round 2 of the family disagreement, which should be more straightforward but probably won’t be.

Anticipating: renewed nastygrams.



Listening: to ‘The Choir’ on Radio 3.

Reading: just finished ’Dead Line’ by Stella Rimington. Not my usual choice of fiction, but slickly written and interesting. I assume it gives a realistic picture of the work of the security services. After all, she ought to know.

Watching: Andrew Graham Dixon on French art, plus the rerun of Alastair Sooke on Egyptian art. The latter makes me want to go back to Egypt.

Making: still sampling SKOs. This one is just out of the washing machine – it will probably get some more stitch before I consider it finished. Some of the ideas worked well, so there may be one or two finished pieces in the pipe line. 

Still embroidering too – I am perfecting improving my shisha sewing skills on the black one. It might be nearly finished.


I have also been making some book(let)s. I bought this in a charity shop a few weeks ago: the title might suggest it’s about origami, but  it’s actually instructions for lots and lots of variations on folded cards, folders and booklets. So of course I had to make some.

These are all really variations on the same theme – an oversized cover, incorporating flaps which fold round the pages in various ways. In two of them, I sewed down the edges of one of the flaps, to make a pocket.

Feeling: still pessimistic. Last week was notable for the number of hiccups, hassles and glitches which occurred, which didn’t help. Next week is half term, but their mum and dad will have the little guys for most of the week, which is good for them but a bit disappointing for us. But as a consequence…

Anticipating: a restful week.