Listening to: Evelyn Glennie’s selection of music for unusual instruments, like alpenhorns, Didgeridoos and birds. It’s different, mostly enjoyable, and sometimes fun.

Reading: still the The Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain’. It’s particularly slow going because I’ve been keeping it in the car to read while waiting for the children to come out of school – and they haven’t been in school. And I keep forgetting to bring it in from the car.

Watching: I don’t think we’ve watched TV since last weekend’s cycling. And probably won’t until the Vuelta starts.

Making: the socks are finished. You may have noticed that these socks are fraternal, not identical twins. I was worried about the yarn running out if I gave them both the same colour toes, heels and ribs, and judging by the amount I have left, I was right. 

I’ve restarted the modular shawl, and so far, after knitting half a motif, no mistakes. 😄 But unfortunately I thought I’d made one and unpicked 2.5 rows before I realised I hadn’t. 🤣

Overall I’ve spent most time on the embroidery – after realising that pulled work is just straight Stitches, I played around with some more -not all of which were successful. Some pulled better than others! (I did press the base cloth before adding the embroideries, honest!)

Feeling: a little more positive. Things are moving in the difficult family member case, although they don’t know it yet, and it will be ‘tin helmets on!’ when they find out what’s happening. 

This person told us last week that ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’, which is cheek given that their preferred method of fly catching appears to be vitriol. If there was ever any honey, we blinked and missed it.

Anticipating: another helping of vitriol when the solicitor’s letter hits their doormat.


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