Listening to : and watching Le Tour.

Reading: still ‘The Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain’. I’m making slow progress, at least in part due to the above.

Watching: see above. It’s been very dramatic today. Nerve wracking stuff, even if your favourite rider has already crashed out – again.

Making: the shawl grows slowly. I’ve just had to rip out 2.5 modules, due to a dropped stitch,which I  spotted too late to rescue. Then I reknitted one module correctly, but had to do the second twice before I got it right. I have therefore decided to put shawl knitting to one side until the TDF is over. I have started a pair of socks – well, I started the first one twice. Yes, today’s stage was that exciting.

This week’s Year of Stitches samples include vertical and diagonal straight stitches, in approximately horizontal lines. I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with many more variations, but I’ve found a few.

ICAD continues: I post photos on the ICAD FB page, and the reactions I get sometimes surprise me. People often seem to like ones I don’t like, which is interesting. 

I’ve lost track of which ones I’ve already shown you, so there may be some duplicates here.

Feeling: up and down. Solicitors have now been consulted on both sides. Ours has been very professional and reassuring: let’s hope her intervention will bring some much needed reality and rationality to the situation.

Anticipating: the rest of the Tour de France. With or without knitting.


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