Listening: to ‘Choral Evensong’ on Radio 3.
Reading: just finished ‘Thin Air’ by Anne Cleeves. It’s odd how murder mysteries can be escapist fiction. See below!

Watching: the last of Hinterland. The continuing theme of all three series has been resolved: I hope this doesn’t mean this was the last one. I need a regular dose of Richard Harrington looking pensively into the distance, in a dramatic landscape.

Making: still comfort knitting socks. These are intended for Wensleydale, as I think he will appreciate plain blue more than the previous, more idiosyncratically coloured pair. 

I’ve been distracted from my Stitch Every Day intention to carry on with ideas from Dawn Thorne’s ‘Transparency in Textiles’, by an article in Embroidery magazine about Liz Payne. 

So I painted 6 white circles on a piece of hand dye – and stalled about what to do next. Not so much stitch every day, more procrastinate for days and then try to make up for lost time. However I’m enjoying adding marks, and texture to the circles. 

 Make Something Every Day has been pretty much the same, but I did manage a couple of prompts, though neither was worth photographing. ICAD starts next week, so MSED will probably be on the back burner again till that’s over. I’ve ordered one of the cheap photo albums I keep completed index cards in, and made a ‘title page’, so I’m all set. I’m hoping the sudden desire to use really bright colours for this is a sign that my mood is improving. 

Feeling: still up and down, but generally more hopeful – the sunshine helped, as did, surprisingly, the dramatic lightning display early on Saturday morning. And the Muntjac which appeared in our garden twice the same day. 

I think the problem is not so much feeling depressed, more that I’m finding minor events, which I would normally brush off,  dent my normal optimism.

Anticipating: looking forward to half term with the little guys. 


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