Listening: to Radio 3 again, though this week without the accompaniment of rain. Well, not at the moment.
Reading: just finished ’The Pyramid’ by Henning Mankell, definitely more to my taste than last week’s Gladys Mitchell. Perhaps because I identify with Wallander’s self doubt more than Mrs Bradley’s self confidence, perhaps because I prefer police procedurals to the fantasy of the so called ‘Golden Age’ of crime fiction.

Watching: still Lucy Worsley, plus Andrew Graham Dixon on French art. Both enjoyable.

Making: one finished SKO, another one waiting to meet the washing machine, plus a SKS (strange knitted sample) in progress. The finished black one is the last of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Hebridean wool, which is the most interesting for my purposes, although this little vessel is a bit boring. The second one is some left-over-from-giant-gloves, Berber rug wool from the late, lamented Texere (although Airedale Yarns seem to have something similar). The SKS is an exploration of ladders and oversized stitches, in order to find out what happens when they’re shrunk.

The year of stitches continues, enjoyably – it makes a nice break from knitting.

Feeling: pessimistic – which is not something I often feel. Something to do with politics? Something to do with the weather?  (See photo of the aftermath of Storm Doris above. Fortunately she was a storm in a teacup here.) Something to do with a visit to the dentist next week? Or all three?

Anticipating: more of the same next week – although hopefully with added optimism.


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