Listening: to Radio 3. Tanita Tikaram on ‘Private Passions’. Having lost interest in pop music in the 70s, I’d never heard of her, but I like her choice of music. 
Reading: ‘Nightingale Wood’ by Stella Gibbons. I’d only ever read ‘Cold Comfort Farm’, but someone on a book blog I read recommended her other work, and this is excellent. It’s a retelling of Cinderella, but with some interesting twists. It’s very feminist, although the reader does have to tolerate the casual racism which occurs in so many books of the period.

Watching: looking forward to the new Andrew Graham-Dixon series starting next week.

Making: still knitting, still embroidering. I’ve used up 3.5 of the 4 balls I bought from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The wool is great and shrinks well, but it’s reinforced my feeling that I primarily want to work in natural cream wool, and not  colours, natural or not.

Feeling: physically better, psychologically down. Trump and May (Theresa, not James) are an even more scary duo than Reagan and Thatcher. But a visit to Walford Mill to see the brilliant exhibition of glass by Ruth Dresman did cheer me up for a while – it’s well worth a visit. Her work is exquisite, and if anyone has a few £££££ to spare, I have a birthday coming up and there’s a small dish with gooseberries on it  I really loved. Or the bowl with leaves that was like looking into a pool. Or any of the fish. Or …

Anticipating: a couple of sleepovers next week – the children are spending time with us while their parents gallivant work. Very envious of their daddy going to Scandinavia, even if it is for work, and travelling over ‘The Bridge’. Just hope he comes back in one piece. 


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