Listening: for a change, to Amazon music via my phone, as the tuner from our ancient hifi has died.

Reading: ‘The House by the Thames’ by Gillian Tindall. I read a very good review of it, but I’ve only just started it, so I’m reserving judgement.

Watching: we – and the VHC – have been enjoying James May reassembling things. After this week, the VHC is under very strict instructions not to touch the Kenwood.

Making: still knitting, still embroidering. I took some atmospheric photos of the finished SKO’s, and some less atmospheric ones of two samples. Contrary to appearances, I am not proposing to yarnbomb a drainpipe, I used it to tension the sample while I added some embroidery. And the year of stitches is such fun I started a second one.

Feeling: glad to be back to our normal routine, for at least a week or two, we hope – except for…

Anticipating: unusually for us, a Sunday outing. There’s a good show on at Southampton Art Gallery (British Art Show 8) which is conveniently close to Richer Sounds, source, we hope, of a replacement tuner. Since I dislike driving into Southampton, even to go to the excellent gallery (I did it too often when I was working) combining two trips seemed a good idea.


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