One year of stitches.

One year of stitches.

I have no overall plan for this, but I do have some ideas. Someone on the FB page posted to a link to an early 20th century (?) book about Jacobean embroidery (a.k.a. crewel work) and as I’m using crewel wool inherited from my mother, who I remember making a ‘Jacobean’ firescreen in the 50s, it seemed appropriate to make a sort of Jacobean design. Though that may change.

I also made a set of rules.

1. I will use the aforementioned crewel wool – except when I don’t.

2. I will use stitches from Jan Beaney’s ‘Stitches – New Approaches’ in the order they appear in the book – except when I don’t. 

3. I will select colours at random from the basket of thread – except when I don’t.

You can see how strict I’m going to be.

So here are days 1&2. Double running stitch, Cretan stitch and buttonhole stitch. The next step will be French knots. 

Tomorrow is a grandparenting day, so I will have a needle and thread set up and ready to go when I get back, otherwise I’ll be too tired to do anything.


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