How to spend a Bank Holiday evening. Not.

My favourite knitting needles are my Knitpro Symphony interchangeables, but the 4mm ends have gone walkabout. So, as I was knitting flat, I fished out an old pair of (Aero?) single points, which happened to be handy. And realised that my arthritis has got to the stage where long cold metal single points are uncomfortable to knit with. So I needed to find a 4mm circular needle.
I keep all the ‘other’ needles in my mother’s old work box which is wedged between the sofa, the wall, the desk and a ‘pillar’ – i.e. bit of wall – which holds the upstairs up. (With the assistance of another bit of wall and a joist, obviously.) Lest you think we live in some sort of mansion, about 60 years ago the previous owners built an extension which necessitated knocking down part of a load bearing wall, hence the need to provide an alternative means of bearing the load.

But I digress.

The work box has a sliding top, which is good because its sides are unreachable. It’s not so good because if I want to get into it, I have to kneel on the sofa, take everything off the top of the work box, slide open the two parts of the top, lift out the internal tray which I never use, and grovel inside. Sounds simple but what’s on top of it is the sound dock and its zapper. They have to be moved carefully, so the sound dock doesn’t get damaged, the phone doesn’t fall out, and the zapper doesn’t get lost. 

Fortunately the circulars were on top, so I found the 4-4.5mm bag, found my needle gauge (a miracle in itself) and found a suitable needle. I put it on the coffee table, retrieved the needle I’d dropped, and forced them all back into the bag. Then I had a quick fossick in the depths of the work box because I thought I had some more Knitpros. (If I do, they’re not in there. Possibly.) 

In the process I knocked the internal tray onto the floor behind the sofa, which meant leaning over the back of the sofa to reach the floor. This is not as easy as it used to be, and in the middle of the process, I got cramp.

In due course, I picked up the tray, only to knock one of the top pieces onto the floor. I picked it up, replaced it, and put the sound dock back on top, while pulling the power lead out. Twice.

Finally I got the dock in position, moved to sit down again and realised I hadn’t put the tray back.

Removed the sound dock, slid open the top, replaced the tray, closed the lid, replaced the sound dock, sat down.

Realised I’d left the bag of needles out.

Removed the sound dock, slid open the top, removed the tray, replaced the needles, replaced the tray, closed the lid, replaced the sound dock, sat down.

At this point Wensleydale, without knowing about my trauma,  appeared with a glass of wine.

I knew there was a good reason I married that man. And he’s just got me a refill.


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