Listening: to the service of nine lessons and carols on – for a change – Radio 4. Beautiful. 

Reading: another Tana French – ‘Cold Harbour’. 

Watching: looking forward to Alan Bennett tonight.

Making: still knitting, still embroidering. The embroidery makes haste slowly, but I have finished three SKO’s (strange knitted objects) – the bobbled one, which was intentional, and the oversized woolly hat, which was an experiment in knitting something flat with a rim rather than something upright without. The small rag-like thing is another experiment/way of using up the remains of the wool – what happens if I knit wool/cotton stripes and shrink it? We shall see when they come out of the washing machine. 

Feeling: to be honest, a bit bored. After whinging about how we needed a break, I’m ashamed of myself!

Anticipating: seeing the little guys (and their mum and dad) again on Boxing Day.

And a Happy Christmas to all my readers.


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