Listening: to Radio 3’s ‘Christmas around Europe’ – at the moment it’s the Estonian National Men’s Chorus. I always enjoy these international days on radio 3. Earlier we had a vintage edition of Choral Evensong from Cape Town. Fascinating music, and  an address by Desmond Tutu. The recording is 11 years old, but what he had to say (basically, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’) was still all too apposite.

Re-reading: ‘Cod’ by Mark Kurlansky. Who would think that a 300+page book about a fish could be so interesting?
Watching: not a lot. The Christmas schedules seem to consist of programmes I’m not interested in, repeats of programmes I’m not interested in, and repeats of repeats of programmes I was once interested in, but not the third (or more) time around.

Making: I’ve finished the bobbles, but the result (Thing One below), has been sitting limply in my work basket for days waiting for me to find the energy to finish off all those ends. I reckon there are 332 of them. (This is not an exaggeration.)

Feeling: glad the bulk of the grandparenting is over. We have two non-school days next week, but after that mummy and daddy take over for a while.

Anticipating: 10 child free days. I love them to bits, but I need a break!

I’m still in touch with the muse, I’m glad to say. The bobbles have been replaced by another vessel – Thing Two above. I’ve finished the base, and I’m trying to decide what to do with the sides, given that there isn’t much wool left. It has vestigial sides at the moment, but they may be frogged so it can become a plate. And the undaily ‘drawing’ and embroidery have continued, plus having got into the habit during the 100 days project, I’ve been posting an undaily photo on Instagram. There is another sort of 100 days project starting up, but I don’t really understand the instructions, plus I prefer the lack of pressure of my own ‘undaily’ projects, so I may return to an intermittent ‘Make Something Every Day’ in the New Year.


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