Listening: ‘Late Junction’ from Radio 3 on iPlayer, in lieu of live Radio 3 which is opera, not my cup of tea. 
Re-reading: still the Tana French – ‘Cold Harbour’. It’s tense, I need to tackle it in small increments.

Watching: I think there’s something we decided we wanted to watch on Tuesday, though I can’t remember what it was.

Making: still knitting, still embroidering, still drawing. Last week’s SKO’s came out very well, but I have neglected to photograph them. This week’s is making steady progress, and if I can photograph it without leaving my seat, I will add an image. (Lazy? Moi?) 

I have some canvaswork on the go (hands again) and tomorrow I shall be starting 1 Year of Stitches 2017. (Not hands. Probably.) I intend to post progress on that here once a week. I managed the 100 Days Project, surely I can manage a year? The drawing is not for publication.

Feeling: A little more animated than last week. We avoid going out before Christmas if we can (The crowds! The people!) but now things have quietened down a bit we’ve been to the Hillier Gardens (still quite busy – and foggy) and to our favourite gallery/coffee shop (also busy but fortunately not foggy). That excitement has cheered me up and got me working again.

Anticipating: 2017, with some trepidation. As Wensleydale says, ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 

On which note, and having finished of the last of this years supply of parentheses, I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and secure New Year.




Listening: to the service of nine lessons and carols on – for a change – Radio 4. Beautiful. 

Reading: another Tana French – ‘Cold Harbour’. 

Watching: looking forward to Alan Bennett tonight.

Making: still knitting, still embroidering. The embroidery makes haste slowly, but I have finished three SKO’s (strange knitted objects) – the bobbled one, which was intentional, and the oversized woolly hat, which was an experiment in knitting something flat with a rim rather than something upright without. The small rag-like thing is another experiment/way of using up the remains of the wool – what happens if I knit wool/cotton stripes and shrink it? We shall see when they come out of the washing machine. 

Feeling: to be honest, a bit bored. After whinging about how we needed a break, I’m ashamed of myself!

Anticipating: seeing the little guys (and their mum and dad) again on Boxing Day.

And a Happy Christmas to all my readers.



Listening: to Radio 3’s ‘Christmas around Europe’ – at the moment it’s the Estonian National Men’s Chorus. I always enjoy these international days on radio 3. Earlier we had a vintage edition of Choral Evensong from Cape Town. Fascinating music, and  an address by Desmond Tutu. The recording is 11 years old, but what he had to say (basically, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’) was still all too apposite.

Re-reading: ‘Cod’ by Mark Kurlansky. Who would think that a 300+page book about a fish could be so interesting?
Watching: not a lot. The Christmas schedules seem to consist of programmes I’m not interested in, repeats of programmes I’m not interested in, and repeats of repeats of programmes I was once interested in, but not the third (or more) time around.

Making: I’ve finished the bobbles, but the result (Thing One below), has been sitting limply in my work basket for days waiting for me to find the energy to finish off all those ends. I reckon there are 332 of them. (This is not an exaggeration.)

Feeling: glad the bulk of the grandparenting is over. We have two non-school days next week, but after that mummy and daddy take over for a while.

Anticipating: 10 child free days. I love them to bits, but I need a break!

I’m still in touch with the muse, I’m glad to say. The bobbles have been replaced by another vessel – Thing Two above. I’ve finished the base, and I’m trying to decide what to do with the sides, given that there isn’t much wool left. It has vestigial sides at the moment, but they may be frogged so it can become a plate. And the undaily ‘drawing’ and embroidery have continued, plus having got into the habit during the 100 days project, I’ve been posting an undaily photo on Instagram. There is another sort of 100 days project starting up, but I don’t really understand the instructions, plus I prefer the lack of pressure of my own ‘undaily’ projects, so I may return to an intermittent ‘Make Something Every Day’ in the New Year.



Listening: to the clock ticking.

Reading: still Tana French’s ‘The Secret Place’. My pace of reading has slowed because I’ve been knitting and embroidering more. 

Watching: this morning – the VHC’s ‘watching day’ at ballet class. This evening, Babybel’s ‘cabaret’ at the same stage school. With a fish and chip supper as well. 

Making: still knitting bobbles. Fifteen per row, every fifth row, until I decide it’s long enough/run out of yarn/run out of patience. The latter is most likely. As the bobbles are in a different yarn, there are two ends per bobble. I’m tempted not to darn them in.

Feeling: still tired, but a bit more positive than I have for a while, despite six grandparenting visits this week and five next. (The grandparenting is great, the driving less so.) 

Anticipating: the return of the muse. Strangely, despite how busy we’ve been, I have felt more creative. I think this is because I’ve put all the things I feel I ‘must’ do to one side, and I’m focusing on doing what I feel like doing. Which is knitting, reading, an undaily ‘drawing’ ( in a very loose sense – today it was collage) and a little bit of undaily embroidery – a scrap of hand dye, some toning threads, and a random selection of stitches, the last two inspired by what people are doing on the blogs I read. When there is so much pressure from external factors, I think reducing the pressures I put on myself, has been good for me.