Listening: to the clock ticking and W. turning a page.

Reading: ‘The Warriors of the Storm’, the penultimate of Bernard Cornwell’s series about Uhtred. 

Watching: more Scandi noir tonight. 

Making: a pair of slippers – from leftovers so they are interestingly striped. I have ideas for another vessel but I don’t want to cast it on till I’ve finished the slippers. Or I’m procrastinating. Or both.

Feeling: knackered. After a late night last night (a panto, followed by a somewhat roundabout way home due to road works) I’ve spent today reducing my collection of sketchbooks from two shelves full to one – or I will have, by the time I’ve finished. This, which could also be regarded as procrastination, was started to fill in a bit of spare time but has developed into a weekend’s work. I have found some good stuff I’d forgotten I had, though, so not a complete waste of time. Of course it’s the sort of task where things get worse before they get better, so my workroom currently has an invisible floor. 

Anticipating: a workshop with Stella Harding next weekend. Always nice to do something a bit outside my comfort zone.



Listening: to the wind, the tail end of Storm Angus.
Reading: just about to start Mary Stewart’s ‘Airs Above the Ground’.

Watching: tonight there’s a repeat of a programme about Thomas Cromwell we somehow managed to miss. No mention of Mark Rylance, unfortunately.

Making: currently knittingless. I am debating between a pair of socks or another vessel, since the last one came out well. I do have a small (10 by15 cm, but shrinking because of the quantity of stitch) experimental embroidery on the go. It is influenced by Helen Parrott, Gwen Henley and Julia Caprara, although I doubt any of them would want to acknowledge that.

Feeling: hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

Anticipating: a relatively quiet week: only the two usual grandparenting sessions, no appointments, so we will probably find time for a trip to Walford Mill.