I’m running out…

I’m running out…

of witty phrases to use when I have been AWOL again. My excuse this time is that the last couple of weeks have been very busy – first because the VHC was ill and needed looking after, (all better now), and last week because we had places to go and exhibitions to see. 

The last time I posted, I was whinging about making papier-mâché. I’m feeling a little more positive about it now, so much so that I had another go today.

The cone in front is from last time, painted with coffee. The SKO (strange knitted object) behind is wire with cotton stripes, dipped in paper pulp today. It will probably get painted white at a later date.

I used the leftover paper pulp for this- there’s a shell underneath. I know what I think it looks like, but I’m not saying. You are welcome to form your own opinion.

And this beautiful little example of how to make papier-mâché properly is, of course, not my work but that of Magie Hollingsworth, a treat we bought ourselves from Walford Mill. 

And finally, this is the VHC’s portrait of me. I’m assured that it’s a very good likeness.