Just to prove…

Just to prove…

that Manor Farm is not the only farm we go to, this handsome gentleman does not live there, but at our favourite farm shop. (We didn’t tell him that we go there to buy beef.)

The grands were rather taken with him, despite calling him a cow. The VHC was particularly impressed with his cow pat capacity, while Babybel was curious about the bits he had that cows don’t. Which led to some interesting questions…

He wasn’t the only handsome creature we met this week.

This is Pickford, and we all got to hold her. I love the patterns of her feathers.

In other parts of the forest, there has been knitting of green cabled objects. This is actually the second one, the previous one had bobbles and eyelets as well. I’m trying to decide whether it needs any embroidery – I think probably not, but I’m not sure. 

I have now moved on to a grey fluffy object, with (deliberate) ladders.

And I have been playing with my food, on the instructions of ‘Make Something Every So Often’.

To be truthful, the prompt was ‘to make something with my dinner’ – so, having had a father who actively  discouraged food playing –  I photographed my lunch. It probably wouldn’t have been as carefully arranged otherwise, but I thought the lovely yellow tomato didn’t need dressing up. Not homegrown, I’m afraid, it came from the Isle of Wight via the farm shop, and tasted as good as it looks.

And as if I didn’t have enough to do, I’ve signed up for the 100 days project, aiming to make 100 vaguely circular arty things  over the next 100 days. I don’t think this one allows for slippage, but it does allow for simpler responses than MSED, so hopefully I can keep it up.

I am good at biting off more than I can chew, aren’t I?


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