You wait for weeks…

and two posts come along together.

It’s been a better day than I anticipated. I knew it was going to be complicated:

1. Get up early, eat breakfast.

2. Put on washing.

2. Follow husband to garage (in rush hour traffic) when he drops off other car for service.

2. Drive in opposite direction to second favourite supermarket for shopping.

3. Go to favourite gallery and coffee shop for coffee and cheese scones.

4. Come home, put shopping away, deal with washing, make lunch, deal with dirty dishes.

5. Think of something to do while waiting for car to be ready.

6. Drive husband to garage (in rush hour traffic) to pick up car.

7. Come home (in rush hour traffic.) 

8. Let husband deal with evening meal.

The problem with no. 5 was that I didn’t know how long the car was going to take, so it had to be something I could drop at short notice. However the problem solved itself – I went into the workroom to think what to do, and realised I needed to tidy the place before I could think straight. (I’d accumulated a lot of packaging from recent deliveries – good quality brown paper! good quality cardboard! big bubble wrap for the grands to jump on! – but I hadn’t had time to put it away. So I did.)

 And then I used some of it up in a book.

 In the middle of all this, over a cup of tea, I ordered rather a lot of yarn from Airedale Yarns, who now sell the lovely Wool City Wool I used to get from the late lamented Texere. Well, they’re offering free delivery during August, and I haven’t got much feltable wool left, so I had to, didn’t I?

 After that I decided it was probably a good idea to see just how much feltable knitting wool I actually have. So I sorted my stash into feltable wool, unfeltable yarn I might use with the feltable stuff, yarn which may or may not be feltable, the rest, and junk.

 Turns out I have rather more feltable wool than I thought. Oh dear.

 In my own defence, a lot of it is purple, and I don’t see myself as making purple vessels or hands any time soon – although I’m not sure what else I will make with it. You can only have so many purple shawls or scarves…

 I did, however, find a solution for the droopy red hand. With an empty knitting wool cone pushed up her skirt, she is standing up for herself at last. 

 So it turned out to be quite a productive day.






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