It has been a brilliant week…

for fans of British cycling. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not altogether surprised, given the acres of newsprint expended on sports in which we lose, as compared with those in which we win. Five stage wins in eight days,and three of the four jerseys held by Brits. (Assuming Cav hasn’t been eliminated for turning up late at the finish.)

This of course has meant that if I can’t do something while sitting in front of the telly, it’s probably not going to get done. And as I pointed out in the last post, I have set myself up with a lot of activities which I now have much less time for. We woke up early this morning, so I had time to get up to date with Creative Leap and ICAD, which I’ve managed. Sort of.

 Creative Leap faces and fish.

Looking at these, the scanner needs a wipe over. Housework? No time for housework!

I had a bit of time to fill before my afternoon adrenalin rush. Perhaps I could fit in a MSED prompt? Mmm – the next one was to make something with yarn or thread. But what? When you’ve tried almost all thready/yarny activities, what to do when you want to try something different? 

I remembered that somewhere I had some instructions for making a yarn bracelet, and some tiny samples of rather nice alpaca yarn. Found the latter but not the former. But Google is my friend, and I found a picture of an interesting looking necklace – a multicoloured yarn tube on a cord. OK, it was felted but not knitted, but I could knit a tube and run a cord through it. And, I could work on it while watching todays’s stage.

This is how much i-cord you can knit in three hours of increasingly entertaining cycling.* Rather more than I’d expected. 

The current plan, when I’ve used up the remaining 1.5 samples, is to darn in the yarn ends, tie the tube ends together, and see how many times it will go round my neck. It’s made a nice change from the boring oversized pixie hat I am officially working on. **

It was inspired by wooden sculptures by someone whose name I have forgotten. Imagine person- sized pencils with shiny, mottled surfaces.  (That’s the sculpture, not the sculptor. I don’t know what he looks like.) Wensleydale liked them more than I did, but I did think it would be interesting to knit one. (The result may be interesting, the knitting is not.)

* This will not be felted. Probably.

* * This will definitely be felted. But it will not be person-sized. It will be exactly as big as that remaining ball of wool will let it be. Just like the i-cord necklace.


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