Bits and Bobs

Some finished bits:


a  scarf, which just needs washing and blocking to be ready for next winter;










imageby special request, two purses;








and, not by special request, two junk mail books, using techniques from an on-line course of Carla Sonheim’s: the bookbinding method I used is slightly different to hers but the basic technique is the same. the result is interesting to draw in.



And some unfinished bobs:



six gravel bags – like sandbags, but with gravel. (So far, minus gravel.) No, we are not expecting floods – we live on top of a hill. They are a more professional (I hope) way to weigh down the larger gloves, which may be going on a trip to the seaside next month.





the second glove in my new mini glove series. It is scarlet, not orange: for some reason anything I photograph on the carpet comes out the wrong colour – as does the carpet, which is blue, not grey:







imageand a work in very slow progress, because I can only face it in good light. It’s an exercise in breaking the rules of canvas work: four ‘circles’ on a red background. Yes, there are four. Not sure its going anywhere but the psychologist in me likes the idea of making things which explore just-noticeable differences.

Plus I have another sample to prepare for felting, and lots of ideas for other samples. All good things to do while watching cycling on the TV.



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