Oh dear.

Oh dear.

When I moved my blogs over from Blogger to here, I intended to post more frequently – but it hasn’t happened. Even though Uni has finished and we had two weeks off from grandparenting. My excuse is that we were busy doing things which we hadn’t had time to do in the last, mad weeks before the Degree show, but that didn’t really take up much time. We only managed one visit to Walford Mill, and one to the Hillier Gardens. I spent more time just relaxing, pottering in my workroom doing nothing very much, and being sociable.

I have managed some more of the ‘365: Make Something Every Day’ prompts, though not every day. The top one involved air drying clay, a rolling pin (not one I use for pastry!) and ‘stamps’ – like bits of knitting and embroidery. As you can see, I discovered that the dried clay is more fragile than real clay…

I can’t remember what the prompt for this one was, but the book is not part of it, it just seemed a suitable place to put the drawing. The drawn feather was done with the real feather, which is there to remind me.

The knitting I showed you last time has been frogged, finished and in one case felted. Meet baby glove, before and after he met the washing machine.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the scarf, and It is at home and I am not. However it is triangular and very red.

Regular readers may have noticed the absence of junk mail books in recent weeks. This is because, amazingly, there was a shortage of junk mail, although the postman rectified this on Monday, when 80% of our mail was junk, and 10% of the rest was a bill. I was going to gesso my junk, as you do, but when I opened the gesso pot, it had dried out and was unusable, so I have had to order some more. Watch this space.

Not much to show for two weeks off, but I did have a very interesting email at the beginning of the week, which may turn into an exciting opportunity. More when I know more!


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