Here we have two pieces of knitting.

The cream is an experimental slip stitch tube, destined to meet the washing machine at a very high temperature in the hopes that it will get considerably smaller. (Wish it worked for people in a hot bath.)

Despite being a very simple stitch pattern (knit 4 slip 4 on every other row) I keep making mistakes, so I have some simple knitting for when the mistakes are happening too often and I need a break. I have just realised that I made a mistake 7 rows ago, so it needs pulling back.

The red is the aforementioned simple knitting. It has been frogged once because I decided the pattern I was using wasn’t working. I picked it up when I couldn’t face frogging 7 rows just now.

But – trying to pretend it wasn’t a problem for ages, I decided I couldn’t live with the glitch, which you may be able to see top left, just next to the cable of the needle.

Yes, there is a glitch there, and I don’t like it. But this yarn is slippery and splitty, and pulling it back will be even harder. 

Time for a drink. Which will not help with the frogging…

I am happy with this, though. Which is fortunate, because frogging heavily felted wool is unlikely to be successful.


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