Life goes on, 

although things have been a bit flat since last Tuesday when we took the exhibition down. That wasn’t unexpected, but insomnia hasn’t helped, and the burst of creativity I had while the degree show was actually on seems to have fizzled out. 

I’ve managed some bits and bobs- this is canvas work inspired by one of the ‘Make Something Every Day’ prompts. I was interested in the idea of making something with minimum contrast, so here I’m testing the canvas work dictum that you shouldn’t mix different ways of working tent stitch because it will show. Here, the background is in basket weave tent, and the circle in half-cross stitch. Does it make a difference? Perhaps a bit early to tell. I can say that the combination of ageing eyes, red thread and red Congress cloth does not make for easy stitching.

I’ve been lazy about doing the prompts, but did manage these two.

I like the feather better than the rubbings: it was drawn with the feather. 

 This is a black and white book which follows on from the orange book I made a while ago, and used up a lot of black and white papers I’d accumulated.  The page top right dates right back to the beginning of my C&G days: the pattern was made with mark making tools from Hobbycraft’s children’s section which I scanned as positive and negative, and cut up. I still like it, which is why I’ve kept it so long.

So, apart from knitting a boring stocking stitch square to try a knitted version of the canvas work, that’s about it.

Sorry if the images are huge, I’m writing this using WordPress’s iPad app, and it doesn’t seem to allow me to change the size.


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